Microsoft Azure Service Profiler

Troubleshooting - No data in the summary page

It takes at least two minutes for data to appear in a newly-created data cube.

See also Collect Data

Check agent status

Check the agent status in the top right of the summary page. You should see a green check mark indicating that at least one agent is running and collecting data like this:

You can click on the status to access detailed logs for the agent. If there are no agents running, you'll see this:

Again, you can click on the status to access detailed logs to see if an error is being reported in the logs.

If your application is an Azure Web App

  1. Ensure that the site is started by visiting your web app's site. If it's stopped, you can start it via the Azure Portal.
  2. Ensure that the Service Profiler Web Job is running. If you used our deployment wizard to add Service Profiler to your web app, then you can use the Service Profiler site extension to check the agent's health.
    The URL for the site extension is based on the SCM (Kudu) endpoint for your application. For example, if your site is, then the Service Profiler site extension is at

Connection string

A connection string connects the Service Profiler agent (DiagnosticsAgent.exe) with your data cube via an Azure storage account. If the connection string is not set or is incorrect in your application (on the Virtual Machine where your application is running), then the Service Profiler agent will not be able to upload data to the data cube. If the connection string is not set or incorrect in the data cube, then you will not be able to view data on this web site.

If you have recently changed the connection string, you will need to update both the data cube (via this web site) and in your application. To update the connection string for the data cube:

  1. Go to the Service Profiler home page.
  2. Under "My data cubes", find the appropriate data cube and click "Set storage connection string". If you don't see "Set storage connection string", but you still want to change the connection string, then click "Actions" followed by "Configure Cube".
  3. Follow the prompts to update the connection string.
For Azure Web Apps, when you update the connection string in the appropriate data cube, we will automatically update the Service Profiler connection string on the web app.
Treat connection strings like passwords since they give full access to your storage account.
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