Microsoft Azure Service Profiler

* This documentation is a work in progress *

Agent Settings

This document outlines an explains how settings work with our agent.


All of the settings can be configured from the website with the exception of the StorageConnectionString and DataCubeName properties.

To deploy an agent the only setting required to be configured with the agent is the StorageConnectionString. The agent will bootstrap the rest of the settings from cloud storage. For all of our supported deployment methods we have already addressed this.

Setting Definitions

The settings file is split up into 3 different sections: General, ActivityMonitoring, and DetailedMonitoring. In addition the other two settings outside of this category are:

General Settings

These settings control various different agent infrastructure related properties. For the most cases you won't need to worry about these settings and some of them have been added to support different customer related feedback.

Activity Monitoring Settings

These settings controlled the "Always on" portion of our agent.

Detailed Monitoring Settings

These settings control how the detailed monitoring performs.

Advanced Setting Scenarios

If you find that there are more advanced scenarios you require for your application. We encourage you to contact us at describing what you need.

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